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Toasting the End of the Week

As we considered the extension of hospitality in breaking bread earlier this week, we began to talk about ways of using the ordinary to make a guest feel special. 

Rustic  bread and on hand ingredients might end up as a sandwich, but with a few minutes in the toaster, they are transformed into tartines! Nothing welcomes Friday like a toast! 

Here are some family favorite combinations. Fresh herbs and greens are thrown in as available.

Apple + brie + meat (turke, chicken, or ham)

Roasted tomatoes + cheese + balsamic 

Avocado + bacon + eggs

Smoked salmon + cream cheese or mascarpone

Berries + sweet cheese (Cream cheese, mascarpone, or ricotta) 

Brie + pistachios + honey

These websites will get you started creating your own favorite combinations!

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