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Delicata Squash- No Peeling Necessary!

My favorite fall squash has hit the produce section of our local grocery stores and farmers’ markets. The delicata squash is one of the easiest to work with because the slicing and deseeding is a breeze and there’s no peeling necessary since its thin skin is edible. Their beautiful fall colors like that of autumn leaves stand out on the shelves and roasted they accompany any fall menu you might cook up.

The CHILI MAPLE DELICATA SQUASH from is a basic roasting recipe for this squash. The spices could be adapted to your personal preference and tastes. I found this particular blog post interesting because Sara talks about dedicating one weekend hour to preparing items for the upcoming week’s meals. There’s a few bonus recipes like a cilantro pistachio/pepita pesto and a dijon maple vinaigrette. Enjoy!

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