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Stop and Smell the ... Dinner

About a year ago, I was intrigued to read about the neuroscience of wine tasting in an article from NBC News. It seems that process of wine tasting - observing and describing the appearance, aromas, and taste of a wine - engages the brain in a variety of ways, perhaps even more than do difficult math problems. The article concludes by suggesting that the process of tasting is more important to the brain activity than the wine.

As we begin this season of Foody Friday, I invite you to consider the way you eat. Are you engaged in tasting the meal? I invite you to stop and look at the plate before you and consider the ones who grew and prepared the food that you are eating. Give thanks for them and for the glory of Creation that provides food for our enjoyment. Before the first bite, pause to enjoy the aromas of the food and the sounds of those around you. As you take the first bite, let the food cover your tastebuds. Before taking the second bite, consider describing the flavors and sensation of that first bite. Perhaps there are even some memories that the food evokes. Consider sharing these with your companions at the table. The best way to start eating well is by considering how well we are eating.

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