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Yard To Table: Natchez Blackberries

Last year, we ventured into the garden shop and were introduced to the Texas Superstar: Natchez Blackberries They won us over with their thornless canes, beautiful white flowers, and juicy fruit.

Often we'll grab a handful of berries for breakfast to top our sourdough toast and brie, however, with school officially out we had a bit more time and decided to try these Honey Sweetened Oat Whole Wheat Blackberry Muffins This recipe called for simple ingredients we keep in our fridge and pantry, only one cup of berries which was doable for a morning's harvest from the garden, plus it was easy enough for our elementary aged child to prepare. We chose to add fresh rosemary for a savory option, but next time we'll try adding mint to enhance the honey's sweetness.

Our local garden center breaks down the basics for blackberry growing and the essential task of pruning after the harvest season in their blog The most difficult thing about going from yard to table with these berries is making it to the table!

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1 Comment

Tracy Solis
Tracy Solis
Jun 03, 2020

My kids said “yum! Can we grow blackberries?!?!”

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