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Prayer and Music

Music moves me! It makes me feel what I can not fathom, think what I can not comprehend, see what I can not envision, and touch what I can not grasp. It creates distance from the world around me to make space in which to connect to God's Presence within me. When I think of special prayer moments, music has often been in the background.

As we reflect this week on prayer practices, I wanted to share some contemplative versions of the Lord's Prayer by various artists that offer different backdrops for our prayer times. I hope one or more enhances your prayer practices.

All of these videos have been added to our Lenten Resources playlist on the Horizons YouTube page. New material with be add with each topic in our Lenten series.

An instrumental version by Smitty Price and Harlan Rogers with no visual distractions

An instrumental version by The O'Neill Brothers Group with contemplative images from Creation

A moving rendition by Andrea Bocelli

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