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More Than Fine


This has to be my least favorite response from my kids when I ask, "How was your day?"

For years, I thought that they simply were incapable of answering with anything else. I never considered that I might be asking the wrong question. A few years ago, I started asking a different question, a question that invites reflection and conversation. I began to ask, "What was the best thing about today?" This was followed by a second question, "Was there anything not so good today?"

These questions have become a bedtime ritual with our seven year old. They form the basis for a prayer of thanksgiving for the best things and a prayer of supplication or repentance for the not so good things.

If you are seeking to build community with your children or with others in your life, consider moving beyond the superficial questions and begin to ask about the best things and the not so good things that happened during the day.

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