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Footsteps to Follow - The Missionary Love of Aidan of Lindisfarne

Our Footsteps to Follow series looks to the example of those who have gone before us to provide inspiration and guidance as we encounter the Love of God in creation, contemplation, and community.

On this last day of August as we wait on the edge of September, we celebrate the feast day of Aidan of Lindisfarne. Aidan was a 7th century Celtic monk who was commissioned by King Oswald to be a missionary to the people of Northumbria. Aidan was noted for his humility and his love. When given a horse by the king, Aidan promptly gave the horse to a beggar preferring to walk from village to village. He preferred the slow pace of walking so that he could engage other travelers in conversation. In this way, he introduced the people of the region to the Love of Christ. He welcomed other into community so that they might know love and gradually become interested in knowing Love.

We might honor this tradition on his feast day by intentionally listening to someone we meet without any agenda other than the hope that the other person will encounter Love in us.

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