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Connect. Cultivate. Create.

Too often I feel disconnected, shallow rooted, and uninspired. The daily grind places me on an ever circling autopilot with no clear destination. Too often I am so busy worried about the future or caught up in the past that I miss the invitation to encounter. I forget that our only place of true encounter is in the Present Moment. Indeed, we all drink from the same sky but only a few see the Horizon.

If you find yourself feeling the same way, I invite you to join us as we set aside times each week to connect, cultivate, and create.

CONNECT. CULTIVATE. CREATE. is an invitation to intentionally take the time to look at the horizon, to see a picture bigger than ourselves, and to creatively express and explore our experience of the present moment through a seasonal community forum centered around themed weekly practices that prompt participants to:

CONNECT to God, to Self, to Others, and to Creation

CULTIVATE a deeper awareness of those connections

CREATE as an expression of connection

We hope that you will join us as we CONNECT. CULTIVATE. CREATE.

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1 Comment

Thanks for the C's. Nicely done. Ah, the ever elusive mindfulness of The Present Moment ...

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