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We hope that you will journey with us Intentionally Engaging the Everyday through a weekly rhythm of connecting, cultivating, and creating. The week begins with a word, a prompt, an invitation to CONNECT.

CONNECT: As you consider this word, you might notice:

  • What images come to mind?

  • What feelings or memories does this evoke?

  • Are there other images? 

  • Are there other perspectives or ways to interpret this word? Does this other interpretation or perspective bring new images to mind?

  • What hopes or dreams does this word inspire?

  • How does this word reveal your connection to God, to Self, to Others, and to Creation?

Connecting is a process much like brainstorming, there are no right or wrong answers, there is not a necessity to refine or analyze, this is a time to simply notice.

CULTIVATE: Consider all that came to mind with CONNECT:

  • Of the images, stories, feelings, stories, memories, or dreams that came to mind as you engaged this word, is there one or two that would you like to intentionally explore?

  • What was most exciting, comforting, or disruptive? Why?

  • What might God be speaking to you?

  • As you dig deeper into this image or story, what are you discovering about yourself? About your connection to God? About your connection to those around you? Your connection to Creation?

  • Is there something about your everyday life to which you are drawn to pay more attention? Less attention?

Cultivating is a selection and sorting, a choosing of what to nourish and what to prune.

CREATE: After CULTIVATING one or two ideas, it is time to make them tangible as we CREATE:

  • When we create we become who we already are, creators made and formed in the image of the Creator.

  • How are you inspired to create? Is there a drawing, a poem, a photograph, a song, or a story waiting inside of you?

  • Create without an audience in mind. Creating in this practice is about expressing the fruit of connecting and cultivating. Once you have created, you may decide that the expression you have created is simply for you or you may decide that it is meant to be shared in community. 

  • As you create continue to notice the connections and cultivate the deeper understanding of these noticings. The link between contemplation and creation is rarely linear. Even God paused and reflected upon His work in Creation.

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