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The Flavor of Knowledge

Recently we watched the Netflix documentary series based on Samin Nosrat’s book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. The cinematography is beautiful, the dialogue witty and informative, and Samin’s expressions invite the viewer into her experience as she travels around the world to explore the many and complex ways that the simple elements of salt, fat, acid, and heat make food taste good.

We enjoyed watching this entertaining series. We also learned things. It made reading a recipe or walking down the produce aisle less scary. It also changed the way we taste, eat, and talk about food.

Last weekend we made a salad from the lettuce, arugula, pear and bell pepper in the frig tossed together with a few staple ingredients we keep on hand: feta, pistachios and a dijon vinaigrette. There was leftover bacon from a poppers recipe,  so that got cooked, crumbled and added as well. 

As we shared the meal we identified the sources and layers of salt, fat, acid and heat that enhanced the flavors of the fresh ingredients. We experienced our food in a different way. It nourished body, soul, mind and relationship. 

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